The Company

From the very beginning, Jymy wanted to show new direction for ice cream delights: to make the best possible ice cream from the purest possible raw materials as responsibly as possible. In 2014, it meant being the first in Finland to make organic ice cream. Since then, we have also brought vegan and low-calorie ice cream delights to the market. In 2021, consumption will naturally also be carbon-negative when we launched the carbon-negative ice cream series Taivas – once again the first in Finland.

For us, cleanliness is not only pure enjoyment, but also responsibility and transparency in all our activities. In an activity at the heart of which is a desire to do good to others. In it, we do not spare but are greedy, even though otherwise we believe that less is more. We at a small ice cream factory in Aura want to think and do big things.

Raw materials and manufacturing

In raw materials, less is more. This means fewer intermediaries in sourcing the raw materials. That is why the milk used for Jymy ice cream comes from our own local farm and that is why we know the cows by the name. We even know what has been sown in the field grazed by these cows over the last 30 years.

Raspberries and strawberries used for ice cream also come from the nearby farm.

We do not use intermediaries in our manufacturing. If there is vanilla in the ice cream, we will scrape the seeds off the vanilla beans ourselves. If there is pie crumb in the ice cream, we bake and crumble the pie with our own hands. If chokolate is needed for ice cream, we seek and find the best quality and most responsible producer for it even from the edge of the earth.


Less is also more regarding the environmental impact of the ice cream enjoyment. More deeds to reduce adverse effects In practice, enjoying ice cream at its purest means investing in reducing the carbon load and maximizing animal welfare in milk production.

It means continuous product development and calculating the impact of our own actions. It also means Finland’s first carbon-negative ice cream, whose carbon load has been overcompensated by planting carbon-absorbing trees in Ethiopia, where the project also has numerous social impacts.

Being Organic

Responsibility is a series of many small deeds that we try to do every day, little better and more cleanly. You know what it’s like with good ice cream – one more spoonful – once the lid is open, it’s hard to stop.

Fortunately Jymy ice creams can be enjoyed with a good conscience, knowing that it is an ice cream pleasure at its purest: We say no to artificals and chemical additives. We only feed our cows clean food, free from genetic modification and plant protection products, grown on our own field. Likewise, all other ingredients from vanilla to coffee beans meet strict quality and organic criteria.

Social responsibility

Jymy wants to spread goodness and kindness around. Therefore, we maximize the social impact of ice cream production both domestically and globally.

In Finland, we promote equal working life by offering jobs not only to top product development professionals, but also to people for whom employment has been more difficult than usual.

Around the world, we promote social responsibility in our raw material choices and carbon offsets.

We buy the chocolate used in our ice cream from Virunga in the Congo, where the fair price we pay for chocolate ensures the social well-being and sustainable development of the region through, among other things, the activities of the Women’s Bank.

The Humbo afforestation project in Ethiopia, supported by our Sky Ice Cream, also works for the benefit of both the environment and people. Proceeds from the afforestation project will be invested in local development, such as education, health and environmental protection projects. They will also educate the local population on more sustainable land use, increase employment in the area and boost livelihoods by improving food security and setting up mills.